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Valuing Your Business


During times of transition be it a potential sale of your business or, tax planning or in the unlucky case of divorce you need professionals with experience in the automotive franchise purchase and sales.  Because of the uniqueness of the assets and types of debt used to finance operations an unqualified appraiser will likely be unable to provide an accurate estimate, potentially harming the business in the process.

Our evaluation process begins with an extensive conversation outlining the purpose for the appraisal and a description of the business assets.  After our conversation we will ask for a copy of the audited dealership statements which we place into our specialized valuation model, allowing for cross comparison with other operations.  This process allows us to adjust your earnings for the earnings a new owner could expect to receive upon a change in ownership.  This portion of the analysis is critical to calculating an accurate value and must be undertaken with close interaction with management.

Once the valuation is complete we can move forward to calculating a purchase multiple that balances the local market demographics with national brand growth.  From here we can calculate an expected value for the business.

Our in house valuation experts include an analysis of the overall regional vehicle market as well as an in depth look at the future product lines of the brand(s) involved.

With over 16 years of automotive dealership M&A experience our team is uniquely able to provide quality valuation expertise in today’s ever changing market.