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Selling A Business

The sale of your business is for many owners a once in a lifetime event, making the need for experienced representation a must.  A seller can rest easy knowing that Global’s 16 plus years of experience are working on their behalf to maximize the value of their business.

Global Marketing Enterprise’s goal is to assist the seller in obtaining the best price, terms and conditions when selling their business. This process must be professional and tailored to satisfy each buyer’s goals.  Global knows that while each business is similar no two transactions are alike.   Every transaction must take into account the owner’s plans, the future outlook and the company’s employees before a deal can be successfully completed.  Global prides itself on working closely with their clients to help satisfy every one of their needs.

Prior to every sale Global Marketing Enterprises performs a thorough valuation of each business to ascertain each deals merits.  When situations arise where seller’s expectations and market values do not align Global presents a positioning plan and dealership improvements that can increase the deal’s value to meet seller’s goals.  Unfortunately this may postpone a market offering however it does allow each seller to strategically plan their exit.

Selling your business is among the most important and complex decisions you’ll make in your lifetime, when to sell, how to establish an appropriate range of value, how to effectively target the proper market and ensure confidentiality throughout the process, as well as how to structure and negotiate a satisfactory and successful transaction. Mistakes at this level can be devastating making professional and experienced representation a must.

Succession Planning

Many clients whom we represent were, at one time, very confident that their succession plans to hand down their businesses to family members were sound strategies. While this makes perfect sense from an emotional aspect, the economics do not add up in many cases.

Global Marketing Enterprises will help align your family’s goals toward a superior economic position through diverse strategic structuring which can be achieved through our comprehensive and proven representation. When it comes to family matters allow us to do the heavy lifting because it’s just too important. Your exit strategy is our greatest passion.


Our staff has years of professional valuation experience and training.  We use modern methods of valuation that are accepted by banks and buyers in their assessment of the value of your business.  Typical mistakes owners make in valuation come from the standardization of income necessary for comparison.  Our staff begins by removing extraneous and non-recurring costs allowing a seller to see the true value of his company; often impossible to establish using only audited statements prepared for tax purposes.