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Buying A Business

Global Marketing Enterprises has a long history of partnering with buyers to find a brand, partner or expansion opportunity.  By working with qualified buying partners the sourcing of potential targets becomes a much more valuable approach.  Sellers receive calls from M&A firms almost daily making the representative of a qualified firm a welcome change to owners. GME by reputation is adept at seeking out quality opportunities for buyers.

A qualified buyer is a business or person with the experience necessary to gain factory approval and the ability to invest 35-40% of the capital necessary to finance a dealership acquisition.

Once qualified our process is simple, effective, and proven successful over many years of closings. Global Marketing Enterprises, Inc. shares a relatively brief profile of the potential dealership for sale, which we feel maybe appropriate for a specific opportunity. Once interest is confirmed, Global Marketing Enterprises will discuss with its buyer and the potential seller who then determines whether to disclose the identity of the company and provide additional detail. The potential seller and potential buyer will immediately enter into a confidentiality agreement at this point. After mutual interest is confirmed, Global Marketing Enterprises facilitates discussions, site visits, negotiations, etc., as appropriate.

Global focuses on bringing together qualified buyers and excellent target opportunities while providing additional skills to ensure successful transactions:

  • Global plays an active role in when structuring and negotiating deals to always look for "win- win" situations.
  • Global can prepare offers and help to coordinate closing with the ability to provide additional due diligence, coordinate closing inventory and create the closing purchase documents.
  • Global can provide certified professional evaluators who will establish what the fair market price is and what a buyer should pay (“Blue Sky”) helping facilitate financing and booting investor confidence.

Global Marketing Enterprises has been at the business for 16 years, knows everyone and can call on all of the primary market players at any point to help facilitate transactions.  At Global we take pride in helping buyers find the best deals available (See “Acquisition Search” Page).